Now that I’ve had a few days to mull over Glass Animals’ How To Be a Human Being, I find myself on repeat.

Staying true to their Hip-Hop inspired roots, the album begins with “Life Itself”. The first notes are reminiscent of something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (R.I.P. Gene Wilder). The beat then quickly builds into an 808 style that those familiar with the bands first album, ZABA, immediately recognize as Glass Animals. If the title isn’t enough hint as to where the album might lead you, lyrics like “Gotta get back, Gotta get free. Lean back now, Lean back and breath” are meant to inspire the generation of 20-30 somethings that make up a large portion of the band’s fanbase.

As someone who has gone through the loss of my own mother, the lyrics to the second track, “Youth”, resonate deeply. I often do find myself a bit dappy and have to throw tunes like this one on to remind me to get off my ass and on my feet.

As HTBAHB is “Season 2” for the band, in being their sophomore album, you might consider the third track on this album the third “episode”. Thus, the track is very literally titled “Season 2 Episode 3”. The lyrics in this one point to trying to get away from a lazy friend or lover whom has turned to styrofoam, essentially a waste. The relationship is unsalvageable and vocalist Dave Bayley seems upset at this realization. The song uses 8-Bit sounds familiar for fans of those Super Mario Brother games we played growing up. If you listen close you can feel yourself catch the mushroom and grow a little bigger.

I won’t continue to spoil it for you, but will say that the album does stay true to the band’s freshman album sound. While Glass Animals is often classified as “indie-rock” they continue to crush with beats that even Kanye should be jelly of. It’s currently all I can tune to and if you’ve yet to give it a spin I ask WHAT THE HELL IS TAKING YOU SO LONG?

Glass Animals have about 15 dates left to round out their U.S. tour before heading back across the pond. Hope to see you there.