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Kevin Morby @ Zanzabar 9.9.19

Kevin Morby is a real troubadour in his own time. His lyrics flow like poetry, steeped in surrealism and ominously-religious overtones, especially in his newest album, Oh My Godwhich he recently brought to Louisville’s Zanzabar.

With mic stands decorated with black and white roses and the stage lined with flickering tea lights and puffy, cloud-like material, the Kansas City-native offered a supremely stripped-down take on OMG, performing nearly the entire album with a sprinkling of his stellar back catalog. Armed with little more than his guitar and keys, Morby let the lyrics speak for themselves – often letting the silence speak as loud as his words.

Morby was joined for most of the set by Cheme Gastelum (sax, flute). With absolutely no percussion throughout the set, Gastelum provided eerie, yet beautiful accompaniment throughout the evening.

Kevin Morby is touring the world in support of the new album which comes with a trippy companion video that really brings the album full circle. You can watch here:



Hail  Mary


Piss River

No Halo

O Behold



Harlem River

Dark Don’t Hide It

Silver Jews Cover


Beautiful Strangers