This Fall, Dead Audio hosts EXPANSION, Lexington’s Psych Rock Music Festival taking place at Cosmic Charlie’s (9/13) and The Burl (9/14). In anticipation, we are shining the spotlight on each performer on the lineup to give you a preview of what you can expect from the festival’s acts.

Sugar Candy Mountain

Oakland-based neo-psychedelic pop outfit Sugar Candy Mountain fuses retro, sun-drenched sounds with lush, complex compositions. But it’s going to be hard to beat this comparison, because it’s so true. From the band’s website:

If Brian Wilson had dropped acid on the beach in Brazil and decided to record an album with Os Mutantes and The Flaming Lips, it would sound like Sugar Candy Mountain— featuring space-age sounds and far-out frequencies from the tripped-out tropics.  

The band started in 2010 as a collaborative project between Will Halsey (Percussion) and Ash Reiter (Vocals, Guitar). The combination of Halsey’s lo-fi sound paired with Reiter’s spacey vocals and reverb-heavy guitar produced a unique sound blending classic ’60s West Coast psychedelia with dreamy, experimental folk.

In 2013, Sugar Candy Mountain expanded to a full band by adding Peter Maffei (Keys) and Sam Faw (Bass) to record 2013’s Mystic Hits. They followed up their debut in 2016 with the stellar 666, featuring the standout tracks “Windows,” “666” and “Summer of our Discontent.” The album is a mixture of blues, 60s pop and 70s psych rock. It’s breezy, relaxing and trippy, like Foxygen without the punk, or if the you replaced Tommy James with Stevie Nicks but kept the Shondells.

Sugar Candy Mountain are a nostalgic blast of psychedelic pop and tropicalia and will perform on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019 at The Burl. Their set will feature far-out visuals by Silver Cord Cinema, one of the nation’s premier analog liquid light artists.

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For fans of: Mild High Club, Moses Gunn Collective, taking acid on the beach while listening to Foxygen