This Fall, Dead Audio hosts EXPANSION, Lexington’s Psych Rock Music Festival taking place at Cosmic Charlie’s (9/13) and The Burl (9/14). In anticipation, we are shining the spotlight on each performer on the lineup to give you a preview of what you can expect from the festival’s acts. Tickets are on sale via Cosmic’s site ($10) and The Burl’s site ($25) for their respective nights of music.

Night One at Cosmic Charlie’s

EXPANSION 2019 will kick off Friday, September 13th at Cosmic Charlie’s with some of the best local psychedelic and experimental musicians that Lexington has to offer. We’ve got everything from head-banging neo-psych to drum/synth/robot/human hybrids and killer visual artists creating projection-mapped wall tapestries to melt your eyes!

Headlining the night will be brooding post rockers Sweet Country Meat Boys whose live shows are taken to another level with the incorporation of audio-reactive projection-mapped visuals by Lexington artist Psensibil. SCMB are now a staple at the festival and their billing as a headliner is well-deserved. The band is constantly pushing the boundaries of their psych rock sounds and blowing audiences away with their explosive and hyper-visual live shows. You should totally check out their second LP I am the Thief, You are the Medium.


Sweet Country Meat Boys performing at EXPANSION 2018

Leaden Verse is unlike anything you’ve seen in Lexington. Part man, part robot, the solo performer creates just as much noise as a full band. Utilizing drums, pads, synths and who knows what else he’s got under the hood, this hybrid synth/drum machine of a performer creates dance-heavy tunes infused with haunting lyrics routed through a vocoder. Oh, did I mention this dude shoots lasers out of his eyes!? Well, kinda. Check out some footage at Lexington’s Tahlsound Festival 2018:

Seahags are a rocking 5-piece who have been making a name for themselves around the live circuit for the last couple years and are known for to their precise instrumentation and energetic live performances. Ranging from your quintessential 70’s jam psychedelia to more experimental tracks reminiscent of more modern psych, you’ll hear influences from bands ranging from Grateful Dead to Tame Impala. Visuals for Seahags will be provided by collaborator and band member Ru Linn. Want to catch em before the festival? Come to the EXPANSION Preparty at Minglewood Friday, Aug. 16 with live music from Seahags and the some of the best cocktails and cuisine in Lexington, it’s going to be a PARTY!

WHAMMMOTH performing at EXPANSION 2018

WHAMMMOTH will close down the first night for EXPANSION 2019. Landing somewhere between DARKSIDE x Tobacco x a sample-heavy dj, WHAMMMOTH incorporates everything from your favorite video game sounds to warped Carl Sagan quotes – all while finding a head-bopping, bouncy beat. The set will be complimented with Jeoffrey Teague (guitarist, Blind Corn Liquor Pickers) who gets a little less bluegrassy and a lot more rythem & blues with this project. Visual wizzard Psensibil will provide visuals for this set.

Visual artists yovozol and Dead A/V will collaborate to create light installations for attendees to interact with. You may have caught yovo’s work as the lighting designer for local rockers Sour Cream, however, he has since expanded his hyper-colorful, glitched-out, real-time analog VHS visuals to several local and touring bands when they stop in Lexington. Dead A/V is what I call when it when throw some drippy liquid light projections. Together, we’ll turn the back of the venue into an interactive visual environment.

Tickets for this night of great psychedelic and experimental music are on sale now for only $10! To stay up-to-date on all EXPANSION information check us out at, Instagram & Facebook!