Nashville-based indie/southern/pop rockers Moon Taxi brought their Let the Record Play Tour to a sold-out crowd at Manchester Music Hall on Friday, February 2. In a standout track off the new album, the band admits they’re feeling “Good As Gold,” and their performance demonstrated the band still shines even if the new album strays a bit from their Southern Rock/Jam roots.

The band sure has come a long way in Lexington; after years of playing small rooms and bars, this show proved the band deserves every opportunity they get to take over a bigger stage. Giving shoutouts to their humble local beginnings at The Fish Tank (now Best Friend Bar) and the old Cosmic Charlie’s, the band showcased an energetic set that included new tracks, old favorites and several covers, all while drawing from all of their LPs.

Moon Taxi at Manchester Music Hall in Lexington

With the stage backlit by multi-colored, oversized string lights, Moon Taxi kicked their set off with the title track off the new album Let the Record Play. Trevor Terndrup (Vocals/Lead Guitar) displayed his usual, tireless stage presence, bounding from stage end-to-end, flipping his rockstar hair with every guitar shred.  With several songs to choose from, Trevor upped the ante on energy, motioning for crowd participation with perfect sing-along opportunities on tracks such as “Mercury” and “All Day All Night”.

Moon Taxi Lead Guitar/Vocalist Trevor Terndrup bounces around the stage, energizing the crowd

A particularly heartfelt portion of the set occurred during a string of songs: “Run Right Back” > “Whisky Sunsets” > “Blinded by the Light” (Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Cover) > “Whisky Sunsets” in which the band evoked nostalgic memories of their home state, yet the songs feel universal, connecting the listener to wherever they, themselves, call home.

“Now we’re lookin Good as Gold”

A highlight of any Moon Taxi show are the cover songs they choose to play with their own, unique flair. This time around, we were treated to the aforementioned “Blinded by the Light” (Manfred Mann Cover), “Mad World” (Tears for Fears Cover) and “Contact” (Daft Punk Cover), the later of which was a drum solo by Tyler Ritter (Drums), filling the time in which band members took an encore break.

Tyler Ritter (Drums) performs a solo of “Contact” by Daft Punk during the encore break

When the full band returned for the encore, they played a longtime fan favorite “Morocco”, finishing the set with the inescapable, radio-friendly hit “Two High” as Trevor and the crowd waved their peace signs as high as they could.

Tommy Putnam (Bass)

From small rooms to festival headliners, Moon Taxi is riding their wave of success with no signs of slowing down. After a natural evolution from Southern Rock/Jam band to pop radio-friendly hits and festival headliner status, Moon Taxi is primed to be a band that will be around for a long time, with many more hits, and albums to come.  Be on the lookout for Moon Taxi as they come to a venue or summer festival near you on their Let The Record Play Tour!

“Put em up! Two High!” – Moon Taxi


Let The Record Play

Make Your Mind Up


Not Too Late

Who’s to Say

Run Right Back

Whisky Sunsets

Blinded by the Light (Manfred Mann Cover)

Good as Gold

The Way


River Water


Mad World (Tears for Fears Cover)

Nothing Can Keep Us Apart

Moving to the City

Drum Solo/Contact (Daft Punk Cover)

Year Zero

All Day All Night



Two High