Local rockers Champs of the Sun released their 7-song, self-titled EP in at the tail end of 2018 after making several rounds at all the usual live music joints Lexington offers in the last few years. It’s a fun, feel-good record in which the Champs hone a sound that is pretty unique to Lexington.

A little bit Folk, a touch of Glam Rock, lots of Soul and always lyrically-driven Rock n Roll, Champs of the Sun mixes many of the the traditional elements of Rock with bouncy, guitar-heavy grooves, and nostalgic twinkling keys.

The EP showcases the band’s versatility, ranging from hard-driving guitar licks on “Launch Party” to the doo-woppy “True” to the acoustic-guitar heavy “Mutiny”.

A personal favorite track is sentimental, yet upbeat and hopeful “Mercy”. The song finds Mark Bell (vocals) at his peak lounge-singer, crooning the lyrics “Let’s all drunk and excited with all of our friends, I wanna dance with ya baby so let’s get one in” over a key-heavy tune. Now if that’s not a party-while-you-still-can lyric I don’t know what is.

After staying busy touring in 2018 and the release of this EP, Lexington’s Champs of the Sun are poised for a big year. As the song goes: “The champs are coming, better hit the ground running…come on down, see what it’s all about!”