2018 was a great year for music both on and off stage, with no shortage of great albums to fill your headphones with. Here’s a list of what had Dead Audio jamming all year long!

Khruangbin – Con Todo El Mundo

The grooviest of the groovy, the funkiest of the funk and by far the most-listened to album of 2018 by the Dead Audio Team. This Texas trio returned with “Con Todo El Mundo” with their signature groovy, global sounds, encompassing  the sounds of 1970s Iranian funk and soul, while weaving it into 1990s breakbeats.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise – How to: Friend, Love, Freefall

It’s never been a secret that we love Rainbow Kitten Surprise. On 2018’s “How to: Friend, Love, Freefall” Sam Melo weaves pure poetry with memorable melodies that draws influence from indie, folk, pop and soft rock. Their unique sound and relatable subject matter made RKS a fan favorite, and they were introduced to the masses as they were on the bill for nearly ever major music festival.

Post Animal – When I Think of You in a Castle

Post Animal’s “When I Think of You in a Castle” is Dead Audio’s Best Spotify Stumble™ of 2018. From the simple strumming of the album opener “Neveah” to the psych rock headbanger “Gelatin Mode,” the debut LP conjures deep space hallucinations all while crafting a magical journey of psychedelic and hard rock imagery just begging the listener to follow the breadcrumbs..

Oh Sees – Smote Reverser

Oh Sees’ “Smote Reverser” finds the band at peak psychedelia. Throughout their 20+ (!!!) album-career, they have always maintained an ability to turn a track into an aggressively groovy jam, but it is especially apparent here as many tracks are willing to fly off the handle and into outer space at any moment. And check out that heavy album art!

Mt. Joy – Mt. Joy

With an over-arching theme of holding the one’s you love close, Mt. Joy created the catchiest indie pop/folk album 0f 2018. Incredibly refreshing, and at times gritty, “Mt. Joy” was one of the best feel-goof albums of the year.

Dungen & Woods – Myths 003

Stockholm’s Dungen and Brooklyn’s Woods teamed up to create a short EP full of folky strumming, aspects of ’70s FM radio pop and brooding psychedelia.

Kids See Ghosts – Kids See Ghosts

Sure, the man has gone off his meds and his rocker, but the Cudi collab Kids See Ghosts found Yeezy at his best in years with a stunning, provoking live show. And hey, it wasn’t the worst thing Kanye put out this year. Because this was.

The Growlers – Casual Acquaintances

“Casual Acquaintances” was a surprise release and is a classic case of an album where a band goes back to their roots. Here, The Growlers embrace their  gritty vibe once again, throwing out a glossy new sound. All of the songs on the album originated from the “City Club” sessions where the tracks were created during a time of catchy alt-pop releases, but grunged back down to their old sound.

Superorganism – Superorganism

Superorganism made one of the bubbliest albums of 2018. The self-titled debut sounds like alien children’s music if directed by Wayne Coyne.