Lexington is a city that is in the midst of  a cultural explosion, especially when it comes to our music community. After several years of working with local music venues, artists, festivals, events and promoting shows, Dead Audio is proud to present Lexington’s only psychedelic rock-focused music festival: EXPANSION.

The music festival’s inaugural lineup will feature Spaceface and Brothers Griiin (both side projects of Flaming Lips members), Ttotals (outer blues psych), Idiot Glee (synth doo-wop pop), Jovontaes (jam space rock), Robert Beatty (DJ Set), The Sweet Country Meat Boys (visual psych rockers), White Knight, Space Campwillows., Jeoffrey Teague (of The Blind Corn Liquor Pickers) and Whammmoth (Clay Gibson). Here’s the full lineup poster by Robert Beatty who is behind some of the most iconic modern psychedelic art and album covers:

EXPANSION will take place over the course of two nights: Friday, September 14 at Al’s Bar & Beer Garden, and Saturday, September 15 at The Burl and The Burl Arcade. Both nights of the event will showcase completely unique lineups of some of the best local and national psych rock bands, celebrating many offshoots of psychedelic rock as well as weird, beautiful, surreal art from various mediums.

EXPANSION will also host several visual artists such as Robert BeattySilver Cord Cinema (analog liquid light shows) and Psensibil (VJ/projection mapping) with musical accompaniments from several experimental Lexington musicians. These visual artists will provide immersive light and sound experiences, encouraging attendees to interact with the installations and become part of the art itself.

On a final note, music festivals and events and have always provided the experiences that inspire us the most, where we feel the most ourselves, and the most connected to the friends and family sharing the experience with us.  The vision of EXPANSION is to introduce new artists to our community and to inspire others to seek out these artists, or to create art themselves. Ultimately, we envision this festival will expand our local music scene and encourage artists who might not otherwise come to our city to perform in what we know is one of the most exciting times to be a music fan in Lexington, Kentucky.

One and two-day tickets on sale Friday, June 15 at 11am EST via ExpansionLex.com.