UPDATE: A couple  of weeks ago we posted on how we were looking forward to seeing the indie rock band Rainbow Kitten Surprise at Nashville’s Exit/In. After attending last night’s show all we can say is DO NOT miss RKS when they grace the new Cosmic Charlie’s on Wednesday, February 8. If it was anything like last night you can expect an rowdy rock show where the crowd knows every word, and lead singer Sam Melo has the dance moves to go along. RKS really brings their albums to life, providing concert-hall-ready versions of their more somber tunes.

Be on the look out for Dead Audio’s continued coverage of RKS, including a full review of their upcoming show at Cosmic Charlie’s. For more information on their Lexington date and ticket info visit the Cosmic Charlie’s website or our event calendar on our home page.

Original Post:

Every once in a while you discover a band before any of your friends. The thrill of feeling like you “discovered” this music is unlike anything else. You rush to tell any and everyone about how good this music is. Your closest friends start to ask if they could listen to something else in your car. For me, Rainbow Kitten Surprise is one of those bands.

Hailing from Boone, North Carolina this five piece consists of Charlie Holt (bassist), Jess Haney (drums), Ethan Goodpaster (lead guitar) and the band’s two original members; Sam Melo (vocals) and Darrick Keller (aka “Bozzy,” Rhythm Guitar). New listeners often associate their sound with the likes of Kings of Leon and Modest Mouse. I, however, believe that the band has a truly unique sound that diversifies itself across their first two albums. Their most recent self-titled LP, RKS (2015), boasts an array of tunes ranging from bass-heavy track one “Run” to the mellow acoustic version of “Bare Bones,” before ending on the poppy, radio-friendly “The Comedown,” leaving you longing for their third album. This album and their first Seven+Mary flow seamlessly back onto themselves. It’s hard to decipher where the record ends and re-begins, which I personally enjoy. It makes me feel like all tracks are meant to work together as one piece, rather than separate tracks.


Friends and Bandmates Rainbow Kitten Surprise

I have not taken advantage of witnessing Rainbow Kitten Surprise previously. They have performed in their hometown of Boone only a handful of times since I first listened to their music, and I have yet to commit to making the drive from Lexington to check ’em out. But now, Dead Audio founder Jared Lee and I, have purchased our tickets for their December 1st 2016 show at Exit/In in Nashville, TN. This is a venue Jared and I have always said is a right of passage for musicians performing in Nashville. When you finally perform at the Ryman, it means you’ve made it.

If you live in the Nashville area and want to see a band on the rise perform at an intimate venue, I highly recommend going ahead and picking up tickets here before they run out.