Maserati turned their amps up to 11 at The Green Lantern in Lexington; putting on the loudest performance I’ve ever heard at the local dive. That’s saying a lot, when the Lantern is known for blowing eardrums. The post-rock four-piece from Athens, Georgia weaved a sound that is best described as a mixture of Explosions In the Sky and STS9, with subtle elements of Umphrey’s McGee. The band showcased their dark, instrumental rock, and fully embraced technology as a songwriting tool.

Most songs were hard-nosed, guitar-and-drum-led rock and roll. Yet, jams such as “End of Man” allowed their guitarist/keyboardist to “sing” through a vocoder, reminiscent of the band Mogwai. The result was something sounding like a robot dance party.


Check out Maserati when they hit a stage near you! Until then, listen to their most-recent LP, “Rehumanizer” below.