Space Camp are Lexington’s newest, loudest, psychedelic prog-rockers. With only a handful of official shows, they’re a hard act to catch outside of a late-night jam session that rattles the foundation of their Rose & Maxwell St compound. Like the members themselves, Space Camp is fun and groovy, with just the right amount of weird.

Space Camp 3

Spacin’ Out at Cosmic Charlie’s

Space Camp is comprised of Shane Goforth (lead guitar), Joe Buckles (guitar/bass), Dylan Gibson (guitar/bass) and Brent Hume (drums). On a cold February evening the foursome took to the Cosmic Charlie’s stage to a packed house, blowing minds and speakers alike*. Together they created dark, apocalyptic jams that spanned up to 10 minutes each. The band turned heads with each peak and valley of which each song has several. With a sound that drifts somewhere between Explosions in the Sky and the harder parts of STS9 without the electronic element, Space Camp crafted their own, unique sound that kept the crowd dancing throughout the performance.

Space Camp 1

Pictured left to right: Dylan Gibson, Brent Hume, Shane Goforth, Joe Buckles

During their hour-long set, the band played about a half-dozen songs, weaving between long, dark jam sessions and stretches of groovy psychedelic tunes with ease. Incredible lighting and sound provided by HUGE Lights & Soundreally upped the production value of the show, taking the concert experience to another level, turning the venue into a visual spectacle. It was truly one of the best light shows and sound productions I’ve experienced at Cosmic Charlie’s. You can follow Space Camp’s and upcoming shows via their Facebook page.


*no speakers were harmed during the making of these songs