Each Monday evening at  201  2nd Street in Lexington, KY.  the doors of Tee Dee’s Club open to the public for a night of jazz and blues. Here, Tee Dee Young acts as the owner, greeter, and entertainment. Upon arrival you’ll find him at the bar welcoming people and asking if they’ll be singing. He and his band encourage all patrons to exercise their vocal and instrumental talents with them on stage. The club seats around 40 people with two-top tables that can be pulled together for groups. The crowd is a mix of young and old. One pool table is to the left upon entry. On the wall are portraits of music legends, no doubt, that have influenced the owner. A television at the bar shows a college football game that no one pays attention to once the music starts. Before starting Tee Dee welcomes everyone and inquires if there are any first timers or out-of-towners. A young couple from Nashville is given a special thanks for coming as the show begins (Tee Dee informs us, with a facetious smile, that we missed the crowd of people from all over the world that were there just last week).


“I Love You, What a Wonderful World” – Street Artist Odeith’s Louis Armstrong mural adorns the back of Tee Dee’s Club.

During the opening piece Tee Dee introduces his band and allows them to showcase their talents from the get go. He starts with his saxophonist, moving on to the keys, bass, and drums before finishing the tune himself on his six string. The set lasts about an hour and a half as the band moves through 7 jazz and blues numbers. There is no break when Tee Dee begins to invite his guests to the stage. One-by-one, crowd members join the band to sing or play guitar on some of their favorite songs. There is no telling what a Monday night set at Tee Dee’s will consist of, as the range of band members and patrons knows no limits. With beers for only 3 bucks and some of the best Blues and Jazz in the area – Tee Dee’s on a Monday is a no brainer.