Tucked in between a Subway and a Dollar General in an unassuming shopping center at 1423 Leestown Road sits Pop’s Resale. Opened in 1996, Pop’s is home to 1,000’s of new and used records as well as classic video games/video game systems, toys galore, vintage clothing, and tons of other wild and wacky stuff. When you walk in be sure to check the cork-board for local event flyers. You could see advertising for anything from concerts to recording services and musicians wanted. On the counter by the cash register is a calendar of special days around the store. Grab one of these for a heads up on discounts on Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow Dot records (Pop’s system of price tiering, it’s posted just above the records).

As you approach the collection you’ll see an island of vinyl on your left, just after the stack of speakers and turntables. This is the New Stock Section. These are the albums that have recently been put into circulation at the store. You’re always sure to find a gem in this pile, and always reasonably priced (Pop’s does their homework and makes sure not to rip you off, they enjoy sharing music). You’ll also notice that they do a great job of putting records they find more valuable or important in sleeves to preserve their condition.  The majority of records are categorized under the Rock/Pop section, but other categories include soundtracks, jazz and blues, country and western, children’s, and so much more. There’s also a smaller section of new pressings at the front, beside the register. There, you can also find records from local artists with cd’s being just off to the side of that.

If there is anything that you want to listen to before buying, there are listening stations located around the store. You’re welcome to listen to anything that has been opened, but nothing that still has plastic wrap and stickers on it. If you can’t find one, just ask. They’ll be more than happy to show you. At the back of the store are shelves of vintage cowboy/girl boots, roller skates; racks of vintage t-shirts,  jackets, sundresses; a display of gas masks; hats, ties… it’s endless.  And inside the cases surrounding the checkout station are NES systems for sale, Supers, 64’s, Sega Geneses, Dreamcasts, Ataris and plenty of games for each. We go to find music, but always end up spending so much more time looking at some of the other great things they have. If you find yourself in search of a specific record, or just a really good time, Pop’s is a great place to start.

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“There’s No Sub for Pop’s Resale” in Lexington KY at 1423 Leestown Road.