As native Kentuckians, it goes without saying that we at Dead Audio LOVE Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. And in Louisville, KY’s Forecastle Music/Arts/Activism Festival we believe we have found a fest that truly cares about Bourbon as much as we do. Each year in mid-July Louisville’s Waterfront Park is home to the three day festival. A slew of great artists are invited annually and 2016 is no exception. At the top of the bill you’ll find The Avett Brothers, Alabama Shakes, and Death Cab for Cutie. Check out our previous post for more information on the lineup and why you shouldn’t abandon the ship.

Now, back to Bourbon. As I was saying Forecastle truly cares about Kentucky’s Official Spirit. Every summer the Forecastle Bourbon Lodge becomes an attraction of it’s own, drawing Bourbon lovers from around the state and beyond. For some, the music at Forecastle is just an added bonus. They’re there to drink some of the country’s finest elixir! In a large tent on the south side of the festival grounds, the Bourbon Lodge allows patrons (special ticket to bourbon lodge required) to experience an array of Bourbons from around the state. Each guest is given a specified number of tickets upon entry as well as a branded Forecastle Bourbon Lodge mug to receive drinks in. Two and Four ounce pour ticket prices vary between distilleries. At a large circular bar at the center of the lodge, Bourbon lovers can have their bourbon mixed into craft cocktails by experienced mixologists. The lodges own events schedule includes Fireside Chats which provide an opportunity to meet with master distillers and to receive unrivaled Bourbon education. Around back is a shaded garden for attendees to sit and enjoy their favorite Bourbons. Here they also have access to full service restrooms and amazing food options (previous vendors have included Louisville’s own Feast BBQ). For Music and Bourbon lovers alike the extra $25 to attend is well worth dishing out.

At the Bourbon Lodge you’ll find guest speakers, bands bartending, and of course…Bourbon!

As a salute to Forecastle and their undying passion for Bourbon, we at Dead Audio have decided to pair bourbons from some of Kentucky’s finest distilleries, and one whisky from Tennessee, with artists performing at this year’s festival. We hope you enjoy reading this while checking out some of the great music the fest will be hosting while indulging in a glass of Kentucky’s native spirit.

Alabama Shakes – Bulleit Bourbon. Oaky, Smokey and Smooth with a rush of vanilla. This bourbon should be in your cabinet, their records in another.

Moon Taxi – Jack Daniels. As much as we want you to be, Moon Taxi, you’re just not Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. And that’s okay, we still love both of you.

Danny Brown – Wild Turkey 101. Hey I’m Danny, let’s get craaaazzaay. While 101 still tastes great, it packs a little harder of a punch than most of it’s counterparts listed here.

Dr. Dog – Four Roses Yellow Label. Completely accessible. Always there for you. Kentucky Distiller’s Association notes that this Bourbon has a crisp fruit, caramel, vibrant spice taste. Well balanced, slightly fruity just like the Dog.

All Them Witches – Booker’s. Intense, tobacco flavors. If either of them were a color, it’d be black.

Bully – Larceny. If you hurry you can still get both of them for a reasonable price. A lot of bang for your buck here.

Pokey Lafarge – Maker’s Mark. Bright and refreshing, this band and bourbon both make us want to dip our feet in the water while the barges roll by.

Glass Animals – Buffalo Trace. Buffalos are animals. Buffalo Trace comes served in a glass. Maybe we’re reaching?

Regardless; if you like music, and you like bourbon, try them together this year at The Forecastle Music/Arts/Activism Festival.